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Waterjet Cutting Service

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Cutting-Edge Technology

JL Troupe Company is proud to offer waterjet cutting capabilities on a brand-new Mach 200 3020 machine from Flow Waterjets, the premier brand of US-made waterjet cutting technology. Our abrasive waterjet cutting service can handle material from 1/32 inch to over 10 inches thick, in high or low volume.


Metals, composites, stone and tile, glass, foam, paper products, and more can be cut with our versatile machine, which also affords an extra-large cutting envelope of 10 ft long x 6.5 ft wide.  

The three main benefits to using our waterjet cutting service are:  

  1. No heat or stress imposed on your parts since waterjet is a cold cutting process. 

  2. No secondary finishing is required to achieve a satin-smooth edge, increasing speed and efficiency for producing your parts. 

  3. Minimal kerf and extremely high accuracy mean less waste and reliable results every time. 

Furthermore, the waterjet eliminates the slag deformation and dross waste consequences of laser and plasma cutting, while both the garnet used in abrasive cutting and the water itself are recyclable, rendering the waterjet a greener cutting option.  

Our Flow Mach 200 machine also provides advanced beveling and 3D (5-axis) capabilities, with the automatic taper compensation technology to accomplish very tight tolerances at faster speeds.

Get in touch today to tell us more about your waterjet cutting service requirements and receive a quote.  

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