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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

JLTroupe was asked to transform a tall, decking-clad wall that divided the patio space, yard, and pool area of this Southeast Huntsville home into a usable and attractive feature. We are thrilled to share with you the results of this design/build/installation work from August of 2022.

Our Vision for Providing a bit of Backyard Bar Top Bliss...

In our quest to restore harmony and sense to a quirky setup, we chopped the wall down to half its height and designed a series of bent and powder-coated metal planter trays to fit within its outer perimeter. Knowing that Huntsville’s winter weather can be pretty severe (for tropical plants anyway), we designed the planter trays with circular cutouts at regular intervals for individual terra cotta pots to nestle into. Then plants could easily relocate indoors when necessary.

The client wanted a matte white finish to match the trim of the house and we used a ceramic clear coat for extra protection from the elements. The shallow trays were quick to fill with beautiful stones that complement the pots and the plants themselves, and the cutouts allow any rainwater to drain. We chose low-profile pem hardware to attach the planter trays to the wooden sides cleanly and securely.

A transformed outdoor feature with metal planter trays filled with lush green plants and beautiful stones.

Showcasing A Sleek Indoor Look - Outside!

For the portion of the wall that lined the patio, our client wanted a bartop they could sit and/or dine at. To dress up and modernize the space, we incorporated a sleek waterfall edge with a softly radiused bend for a durable surface that is also nice to touch. Accomplishing these graceful planes of flawlessly finished surfaces that neatly fit the base wall, a vertical metal post, and the grade of the concrete patio floor, back in our shop and then installing them seamlessly onsite was no small feat, but we think the end result speaks for itself! And best of all, this installation will look the same in 10 years as it does today - truly a timeless addition that exudes sophistication and charm.

Looking to modernize your own home space today, or have a similar project inmind? Reach out to us today and request a quote!

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